Nike, 2018

Theo Triantafyllidis

Augmented Sculpture

Print on Plywood, 60” HD TV on Wooden stand

Room Scale Tracking, Gaming PC, Performance Documentation

Dimensions: 3,5 x 3,5 m

Duration: 06:11mins

In this body of work, the “Ork Series”, Theo Triantafyllidis re-imagines the exhibition space as his own virtual studio. He embodies an Ork avatar, who uses digital tools to create 3D forms, which are then manifested physically as large-scale wood sculptures. This process is recorded through DIY Motion Capture and displayed on a mobile screens in the exhibition space. By moving the screen structure throughout the space, the audience is able to view the sculpture while simultaneously experiencing the artist’s digital performance of creating it.

“Nike” can be seen as a re-interpretation of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, prominently displayed at the Louvre. Using scrap material available at the studio, the muscular character tries to recreate the sculpture from memory. The sense of awe, struggle, destiny and divine grace of the Hellenistic sculpture are playfully misunderstood and intertwined with the synonymous sports company’s ad campaigns. The originals’ interplay between the statue and the space around it is expanded to the virtual space.

In creating the Ork character, Triantafyllidis pairs prevalent video game tropes with the performative persona of The Artist. Ork Aesthetics are inspired by medieval contraptions, engineering tools, brutalism and gaming culture. The artist’s performance considers the concept of virtual labor and production in today's hybrid-reality work environments, as the Ork experiences the frustrations and complications of artistic labor in his virtual studio. After digital creation, his works are rendered physically flat in a purposeful misuse of 3D modeling, coming to occupy an alternative mass and materiality in this augmented and mixed world. Like chasing Pokemon on their phones, viewers are invited to enter the process and performance that created these odd objects. 

I have this form in my mind

Of a goddess landing 

on the battlefield

She is in a fleeting moment

when violent movement

and sudden stillness meet

she is fighting off

the wind that carried her 

trying to keep steady

And her wings

All other goddesses have lost their wings

But hers are beautiful 


She is graceful and mighty

Just glorious