Genius Loci, 2021

Theo Triantafyllidis

Augmented Reality Experience

Genius Loci is a Large Scale, Site Specific Augmented Reality Installation, adapted for various locations,  based on a playful misinterpretation of the concept of Genius Loci (or Spirit of Place). A large Creature with character will be residing inside the given space, floating around, relaxing or talking to itself and the audience. The Creature is arrogant, sexy, snarky, sometimes obnoxious but also cute and lovable. The Creature will be visible through Augmented Reality on mobile devices and the audience will be able to play with it using touch-screen interactions. This encounter with the humorous and the sublime will be a collective viewing experience that aims to bring people together.


VR Sculpting by Yonk Studio

Animation by Ricky Jonsson

Sound Design by Holly Waxwing

Creature Acting by Isabel Watson

Commissioned by Grand Palais 

Produced by Fabbula