27.08.23 - 28.01.24 | Surreal Futures, Group Exhibition, Max Ernst Museum, Brühl, DE

Immerse yourself into surreal worlds: the “Surreal Futures” exhibition, with around 30 international positions from the fields of digital and media art, presents forwardlooking perspectives on Surrealism.

Artists from 19 countries address the urgent questions of the 21st century in interactive video works, virtual and augmented reality artworks, hybrid installations, digital collages and multimedia performances, for example, with a view to the impact of globalisation, digitalisation and the climate crisis, including post-colonial changes and increasing diversity. They present Surrealism as a contemporary genre of art dreaming beyond reality that reflects changes in our living environment and develops speculative future scenarios.

For the first time, contemporary works in the collection will also be increasingly presented next to the works of Max Ernst. With this in mind, a dialogue between Max Ernst and contemporary artists will be created from the perspective of current questions.

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