9.02.23 | 6pm CET | Game Art in the Age of Post-NFTism , HEK, Online

On 09.02. it is time for us to introduce You to the new exhibition Who Is Online? Game Art in the Age of Post-NFTism in our digital space virtual.hek.ch! The exhibition is curated by Anika Meier.

Who Is Online? Are we still wondering who is online, or do we already know that we may soon have to ask ourselves what is not on the blockchain and can be traded as NFT? At a time when the production and collecting of art online has become a game, often based on opaque rules and promises, artists are using blockchain and NFTs to address this loss of control and the potential applications of a new technology.

The exhibition Who Is Online? Game Art in the Age of Post-NFTism, curated by Anika Meier, presents works that critically comment on the new online art world, in which blockchain and NFTs with their game characters have long since become a matter of course.

Artists: UBERMORGEN | Jonas Lund | Mitchell F. Chan | Alexandra Crouwers | Rachel Rossin | John Gerrard | Theo Thriantafyllidis | Ziyang Wu | Lawrence Lek | Kenny Schachter | Sarah Friend | Kevin Abosch | Simon Denny | LaTurbo Avedon and more.

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