05.03.2024 4PM - 5PM | ŌTIUM, LYL Radio, FR

Listen back to « Beetle Balladry: Resonance of Carapaces », a collaborative anomaly from Joseph Dubrule and his guest for this special episode, Theo Triantafyllidis. Trace the evolution of language from prelinguistic times to the Metaverse and from simulated microcosms to the megafaunas of the post-modern crisis. Weaving together sourced from the depths of the World Wide Web, musics specifically made for Theo Triantafyllidis contemporary art installations and experiences, and occasional bursts of musicality from DIEGO NAVARRO, KRISTA PAPISTA, MODERN COLLAPSE, BCAA… 

« I think as humans we have this peculiar predisposition to be always thinking ahead - living a little bit in the future - anticipating the next minute, the next hour, the next day - and we betray the moment. Wild turkeys don’t do that. They are convinced that everything that they need, all their needs, will be met only in the present moment and in this space. The world is not better half mile through the woods, it’s not better an hour from now, and it’s not better tomorrow - that this is as good as it gets.»  Joe Hutto - My Life as a Turkey

Theo Triantafyllidis is an artist who works with digital and physical media to explore the experience of space and the mechanics of embodiment in hybrid realities. Utilizing algorithms and game engines, virtual reality headsets and experimental performance processes, he creates interactions within immersive environments. In Triantafyllidis’s worlds awkward interactions and precarious physics mingle with uncanny, absurd and poetic situations, inviting the viewer to engage with new realities.

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