Twister, Elevator Mondays, Los Angeles, CA, 2018

Two People Exhibition | March 12 - April 16, 2018

TWISTER is a site-specific VR installation and game for two players. Inspired by the classic Milton Bradley board game that requires players to use their physical bodies as the playing pieces, Kostic and Triantafyllidis created a VR environment that emphasizes the body of the viewer as the object to be viewed. The piece was made and exhibited on site at Elevator Mondays run and curated by Don Edler in Los Angeles, CA.

In a post-real culture where relationships and intimacy are dominated by social media and dating apps, we find our bodies becoming evermore absorbed into virtual space. TWISTER is an experimental installation for networking physical bodies through a digital intermediate. Presented in VR, the installation creates uncanny experiences far beyond the limitations of our antiquated notions of “the real”. The apparatus (HTC Vive) provides a digital apparition that guides the minds of the viewers through an infinite non-physical game while their bodies remain limited to the gallery space (an elevator). Disguised as a VR game, TWISTER functions as a proxy-trap for collaborative performance. By creating digital conditions in which players awkwardly bend, kink, and contort their bodies in physical space, Kostic and Triantafyllidis explore the ever-blurring boundaries between material space and digital space.

Twister, 2018

Filip Kostic and Theo Triantafyllidis 

Site specific 2-player virtual reality experience

2 VR Rigs with full body tracking, 2 Custom PCs