Still Human, Rubell Family Collection Contemporary Arts Foundation, Miami, FL, 2017

Group Show | 6 December 2017 ‚ÄĒ 25 August 2018

Still Human confronts the complex consequences of the digital revolution and recent technological developments as they redefine the human condition. Twenty-five artists working across a range of mediums address concerns related to artificial intelligence, biotechnology, bioethics, planned obsolescence, desire as mediated by technology, surveillance, social justice, and virtual existence. 

Is there perhaps something in the universe that cannot be reduced to data? Suppose non-conscious algorithms could eventually outperform conscious intelligence in all known data-processing tasks -- what, if anything, would be lost by replacing conscious intelligence with superior non-conscious algorithms?   
--Yuval Noah Harari

Participating Artists:
Ed Atkins  /  Neil Beloufa  /  Frank Benson  /  Paul Chan  /  Andrea Crespo  /  Simon Denny  /  Cécile B. Evans  /  Loretta Fahrenholz  /  Isa Genzken  /  Christian Holstad  /  Anne Imhof  /  Josh Kline  /  Liu Chuang  /  Shahryar Nashat  /  Katja Novitskova  /  Yuri Pattison  /  Seth Price  /  Christina Quarles  /  Jon Rafman  /  Sean Raspet  /  Charles Ray  /  Jennifer Rubell  /  Max Hooper Schneider  /  Frances Stark  /  Hito Steyerl  /  Iiu Susiraja  /  Hank Willis Thomas  /  Ryan Trecartin  /  Theo Triantafyllidis  /  Stewart Uoo  /  Wang Shang  /  Andro Wekua  /  Jordan Wolfson  /  Anicka Yi