Future-Proof, Refresh, Paimpol, FR, 2021

Group Show | 16 October - 28 November

This first episode of refresh presents the filmic works of 12 international artists. The works are projected in the disused offices of the Ex. DDE, chosen for their state of vacancy and their location on the port of Paimpol in a space in transition facing the sea.

Future-Proof questions the current entanglement of technological and human structures. 

Through crumbling utopias, simulations of ecological disasters and the gamification of parallel realities, this exhibition uses speculative fiction to observe the decaying anthropocentric models of today and warn about the futures we are shaping. As a preamble to the Refresh program, Future-Proof points out the urgency of no longer letting these futures be constrained by the present.

A decade of important transitions awaits us. Technologies will not be enough if we are not part of a real vision that encourages us to re-imagine our way of inhabiting the world. A world of diversity, inter-connectivity, interdependence.

As we sail towards uncertain horizons, Refresh is convinced that artists will continue to plant the seeds of fertile futures in the rubble of the world before.

The guest artists are Mali Arun (FR), Alice Bucknell (USA), Stine Deja (DK), Hoël Duret (FR), Lawrence Lek (GB), Lukas Marxt (DE), Marcel Mrejen (FR/DZ), OMSK Social Club (?), Julien Previeux (FR), Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel (FR), Rustan Soderling (SE), Theo Triantafyllidis (GR), Philip Ullman (SE).