Autobodies, Open Plan Collective, Los Angeles, CA, 2019

Event | 23 February 2019

Autobodies and other human factors

In a city where bodies gain autonomy through their connection to their cars, we present a series of works that examine how we project identity, thoughts, and emotions through moving vehicles.

A one night art experience that explores the collective mythology and culture of driving in LA.  Autobodies draws meaning out of the faceless dance of a merge in rush hour, the muted violence of swiping a parking spot, and the meditation of a long road trip.   

Autobodies features works by Miller Klitsner, Theo Triantafyllidis, Keith Allyn Spencer , Isla Hansen, Tucker Marder, Jonathan Fletcher Moore, Kristin McWharter, Jack Turpin, Eric Fanghanel, Tuang T and Joaquin Barlow.