7th Anyang Public Art Project (APAP7), Former Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, Anyang, KR, 2023

Group Show | 27 August 23 - 28 January 2024

From August 25 to November 2, the Anyang Public Art Project (APAP), the oldest public art festival in Korea, will be held. The APAP, which is held every three years, is celebrating its seventh event this year and is directed by art critic Sung-ho Kim. The theme of this year is “Zone 7 – Your Imaginary Space,” which means that APAP will function as a public sphere for art based on imagination germinated from reality.

The main project during the festival consists of outdoor and indoor exhibitions, online exhibitions, and side events such as academic programs, lecture programs, and tour programs. Unlike previous projects, this project is characterized by the fact that the Former Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency will be transformed into an exhibition space and an indoor exhibition will be organized together. The indoor exhibition is divided into three sections: ‘Human Space’, which highlights how to coexist with others in society, ‘Eco Space’, which considers the relationship between humans and nature, and ‘Smart Space’, which deals with current and future imagination on science and technology. The first and second floors of the indoor exhibition space display the works of a total of about 40 artists(team).

APAP7 will play the role of a public sphere in various ways, not only during the event, but also before (Pre Project) and after (Post Project) the event by conducting community programs, and Pre/Post Conferences with citizens and experts.